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Two picese Baby's Washable Diapers Pad

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  • Machine washable. Use them again & again and the baby cloth diaper nappies/ liners/ insert pads gets soft with every wash. Do not bleach to maintain the ultra-softness of the baby cloth diaper nappies. Do not dry in high temperature
  • [MULTIPURPOSE] : As they are super absorbent and gentle on baby skin and won’t scratch or cause irritation to your baby skin.
  • SUPER soft
  • Uses 3 layers of microfiber, which is high absorbent and super soft
  • Wash and soak every new diaper pad before first use .
  • The more the pad is washed, the more absorbent it becomes.
  • One size fits diapers all ages. For small babies the pad needs to be pulled higher on the back side for better fit.